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About us

ACRYLIC DESIGN was started in the early seventies by Mr A Jennings who saw a gap in the market for shop facia's and display stands manufactured in Acrylic.

Since then the company has expanded by supplying the antique dealer and private collector specialist display stands to meet their requirements. We manufacture a wide range of stands as shown in our display stands for antiques section.

Following on from the antique stands, a market emerged for high quality point-of-sale display items manufactured in both Acrylic and other materials such as Foam PVC, Styrene, High Impact Acrylic and Polycarbonates.

We have broken our web site into different sections to show many of the different items we manufacture and we have brought together display items that we have found to be the most useful and practical in an effort to help our customers sell their merchandise. Areas covered are shoe display stands, general displays, ticket holders , jewellery displays , and wall panel displays etc. In fact the list is endless and we are continually updating the range as items are designed. For a detailed listing of our product range, visit our products page.

ACRYLIC DESIGN is committed to bringing to the market new display items that meet the needs of its customers and have a design team for this purpose.

ACRYLIC DESIGN realised there was a large market for low cost leaflet holders and now supply a wide range of high quality, injection moulded leaflet dispensers from stock.

Bespoke Designs

We also design and manufacture numerous items specific to our customer's own requirements. An example of this is our re-usable noticeholder which was developed in conjunction with the CITY OF WESTMINSTER Local Authority to Display Public Notices on street furniture. This was originally designed in an A5 format and is now supplied in A6, A4, A3, and A2 formats. The holder can be customised by silk screening specific colours or logos and is supplied with Reusable Tywraps. For more info on other bespoke products, visit our bespoke page.

We have supplied many customers with the re-usable noticeholder and it is a registered design. Not only used in the Local Authority Sector but is also used for the display of Health & Safety Notices.

Quality Control

Over the many years ACRYLIC DESIGN has been trading their commitment to customer service has led to a high degree of customer loyalty. As part of this continuing commitment in ensuring high quality products and services, we have in place our own internal quality control system that ensures we have traceability of the products we manufacture.


We are committed in doing our part for the Environment and all of our plastic waste is sent away for recycling. We have teamed up with INEOS ACRYLICS to recycle our acrylic waste and all other plastic waste is sent for recycling where facilities exist.

We have many customers who return their unwanted acrylic material for recycling. This service is offered free of charge as part of our commitment to the Environment. ACRYLIC DESIGN has also installed a cardboard recycling facility to use any old cardboard boxes or sheet material to convert into packaging material and yet again saving the environment precious materials.

Fast Order Turnaround

As the company expands it enables us to improve the service we can offer to our customers. With the move to Watford in 1996 we were able to increase the production and storage facility and make cost savings which were in turn passed on to our customers. The storage facility we now have enables us to hold a very large range of products in stock and offer a fast order turn around service.

Some of our customers request that we hold their own specialist display items in stock for immediate delivery to meet their ever growing requirements. This again is no problem and will be happy to look at any request from our customers.

As you will also see as you go through our web site we offer a very wide range of services products, materials and facilities.